Washta in Småland.

Title: The Ambassador from Sirius celebrates Midsummer in Smaaland.

Size:94x153 cm.

Price: SEK 13 000.



One of UFO-Sweden's field researcher came upon a very curious case during the late 1990s.

He was contacted by social workers and the chief guardian of a very wealthy but senile farmer in the middle of the dark forests of Smaaland.

The farmer claimed that he needed some of his money to sponsor the Sirian Embassy, especially since the Ambassador wanted to visit him during the midsummer celebration with his crew.

The officials wanted UFO-Sweden to help them find out about the background of this case, since they couldn't find any other organization dealing with extra-terrestrials.

UFO-Sweden, having experiences with all kinds of UFO related matters, soon found out that a Swedish well known New Age PhD lay behind this, and that he had tried getting money out of people in similar ways before. The most astonishing thing is that he really believes in this himself, and cannot be considered a common fraud.

In the picture you can see the midsummer celebration on the farm in Smaaland. I have used an old museum farm, Moesjoehult, for the senile farmer's home. On the lawn in front of the house, we can see all kinds of beings dancing rheinlender, an old Nordic folk dance, around the midsummer pole. The senile farmer and his family are dancing with the Sirians. Ambassador Wassar Tishtryia of the Kaksidi clan has brought acrobatic redheads from his grandfather's cirkus and an orchestra from the Nairobi clan. They are assisted on accordion by the grandson of the senile farmer. Also the well known New Age PhD is dancing, well recognizable by those knowing him. In the background the military is lurking in the bushes, while the police and social workers interrupt the feast. It is not unusual that the police breaks into midsummer parties in Sweden, but not because of Sirian invasion. People familiar with UFO mythology, will recognize the officials from the chief guardian and social workers as the "persons in black", and maybe notice a certain likeness to some famous TV personalities.

If you want some more information about the personalities of this true story, try these links:

The well known Swedish New Age Ph. D. has obviously taken down his site. He is referred to on this site, though.

UFO-Sweden's research on this case.

Thank you NASA/SAO/CXC for the permission to use the background picture from the McDonald Observatory.

General information on the Sirius Solar System:

The star Sirius is one of our closest neighbours, only 8.7 light years away. Sirius is one of the brightest stars seen from Earth. If you draw a straight line through the three bright stars in Orion's Belt, Sirius is the bright star down to the left. Sirius is a doublestar. The smallest companion can't be seen by the naked eye. Sirius B's orbit was calculated about 150 years ago. The two components are revolving about a common center of mass in about 50 years.

The Egyptians followed a "sirius calendar" of 360 days.

The Dogons, a west African tribe, claims that their ancestors came from Sirius, and they knew about the invisible star. According to French antropologists, Sirius B was part of the Dogon mythology even before its existence was suspected among Western scientists.

The Sirians have dark blue skin because of the ultraviolet radiation on their planet. Their planet moves in irregular orbits between the two stars. The distance is 4.47 AU when closest to Sirius A, 0.1 AU when when closest to Sirius B.

There was even a suspicion of a third body, the socalled Albada-Lindenblad irregularity.

According to the scientists, Sirius Solar System is not fit for life.

©Tora Greve